Jesus Came To Redeem

December 23rd, 2018

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Psalm 119:81-96

Psalm 119 prepares us to move from longing for God’s salvation to rejoicing in God’s faithfulness. The keyword longing, brings us back from the threshold of hopelessness. Kneeling in despair, the psalmist longs for the salvation of God, desiring God’s deliverance. “When will you comfort me?” Have you ever been there or are you there right now? Wondering when the assault will be over? Lament often turns to praise in the Psalms, and at this point, it teaches us how to respond to the onslaught of attacks. The keyword changes from longing to forever. What endures? What last forever? “Your word, . . . is eternal.” “Your faithfulness . . . endures.” “Your law endures.” “I will never forget your precepts.”

We cry out when trouble threatens those things that are perishable but all things end. We must praise the One who is eternal, who created heaven and earth by his Word, and who’s Word we are to take delight! God is faithful through all generations.

Author: J.B. Chapman


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