Words To Go By

December 21st, 2018

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Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 1:4-8

The disciples who meet Jesus on the Galilean mountain have not experienced any of the Easter drama. They did not experience the earthquake, the angles, nor have they seen or heard from Jesus in Matthew’s gospel. All they have is the words from the women to “go to Galilee.” So they trek north into an unforeseen future with only a word, which exemplifies discipleship.

The disciples meet Jesus, but the reception is lukewarm. You would expect something more definitive as they are in the presence of the risen Christ. However, this mixture of responses also exemplifies discipleship.

We can understand this from our own faith journey. We are also called to “go” to where Jesus will encounter us. We are to worship, teach, proclaim, and baptize. We cannot make anyone listen to us or to follow Jesus, but the same word we are given from the risen Lord calls others to follow. That word calls us to worship. And for those who doubt, they are called to follow and experience that he is always with us.

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Author: J.B. Chapman


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