To Live Is Christ

December 20th, 2018

RG Audio 122018


Matthew 25:31-40

Matthew describes a scene where Jesus is a king on his throne separating sheep and goats, and blessing those according to their adherence to his great commandment (Mt 22:37-40). Matthew 25 is at the end of a long line of parables about “the end.” We have parables about being ready for whatever is coming, whenever it gets here. A thief in the night, slave and a master, foolish bridesmaids, and being in charge of small things while the master is away. I am not convinced this teaching is to prepare us to go to heaven, but to prepare us for what we are supposed to be doing here and now. What is it that Jesus expects from me? How do I live my life if Christ is King?

Life in the Kingdom of God is not about what the world values, but what God values. We are called to be sheep: if you love God, if you value what God values, then you will love others as God loves. Love will be gracious, forgiving, extravagant, merciful, kind, and patient. If you value what God values, then you cannot help but live as Christ.

Author: J.B. Chapman


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