Fearing The Wrong Thing

December 19th, 2018

RG Audio 121918


Matthew 10:24-33

So, don’t be afraid! The context for our text today begins with Jesus calling his disciples, giving them authority, and sending them out. I was a sophomore in college when the youth pastor asked me to teach the 7th grade boys class. He gave me authority, set parameters, and gave lots of instructions on how to handle distractions, disputes, disruptions, and the occasional despair. His final words were tongue in cheek, but he said, “Do not be afraid,” and continued with the idea that they can smell fear.

Christ has called each of us, and we have received authority through the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But often times, social fears creep in that limit our ability to make known what Christ has revealed to us and to the world. Jesus knows the reality of our fears, but also understands how valuable and crucial we are to His mission of bringing in the Kingdom of God. You might not need to stand on a rooftop today, but go with peace and assurance to proclaim that Jesus Christ is King.

Author: J.B. Chapman


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