Can’t Wait To Tell Everyone

December 18th, 2018

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Luke 2:13-21

In the totality of world history, what act has ever been so cosmic, awe-inspiring, and serene than the birth of Jesus, God’s only Son? Jesus who made himself nothing by being made in human likeness (Phil. 2), humbled himself and came down not just to earth, but to a backwoods corner of the Middle East.

This was first announced to the shepherds by the heavenly host, and later pondered by Mary in her heart. This central part of Christmas is not something we perceive from a distance or from history. It is the story of salvation that involved an eclectic cast of misfits brought together in order to spread the word of what they heard and saw.

We are witnesses yet again to the Savior’s birth, and that changes us. For unto you a Savior has been born! If you can hear once again and believe what the shepherds said, then no matter what happens the rest of today or this holiday season, you will be able to join those shepherds in glorifying and praising God for all that you have seen and heard.

Author: J.B. Chapman


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