So That

December 16th, 2018

RG Audio 121618


Psalm 67:1-7

I’m afraid we’ve come to see God’s blessings as an end in themselves. God blesses us just because God blesses us. The Psalmist clearly sees God’s blessings as an avenue through which God’s ways and salvation will be known on earth, among all nations; “so that” he would be feared. How can we think about God’s blessings to us from a “so that” perspective? Surely we don’t expect people to simply watch us receive blessings and draw conclusions about who God is? After all, the Psalmist also tells us that the wicked prosper. In order for “so that” to take place, we must turn our blessings into an outpouring of love for the world. As we sacrificially share our time, our talent, and our resources with those around us, people will encounter God’s love.

This requires trust on our part. We can only genuinely praise God if we trust God. Do we trust that God will take care of us and love through us even in seasons when it seems the blessings cease?

Author: Vicki Copp


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