The Joyful Mercy

December 10th, 2018

RG Audio 121018


Luke 1:57-66

When a young married couple of our acquaintance goes for many years without a child, we notice. Sometimes we discover childlessness is their choice and we accept it. Other times we are privy to the fact that they really would like to have a child and are struggling with infertility. In addition to this struggle, they often have to contend with the shame that they are somehow not worthy to be parents. As the couple ages, we tend to forget their pain, but they are regularly reminded of their childlessness by thoughtless questions and inconsiderate assumptions.

When an older couple like Zachariah and Elizabeth finally do conceive, there is more than the usual anticipation. So it is no surprise that the safe delivery of their son was a source of great joy for both them and their community.

They would likely have no other children, so carrying on a family name would seem a priority. However, the couple agreed on the name John. This was an act of obedience. God had blessed them and they were going to do their best to follow God’s ways in naming and raising this special child.

Author: Vicki Copp


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