Taking Stock

November 23rd, 2018



Luke 14:25-35

When Jesus talks to His followers about committing themselves to following Him, He makes an interesting comparison. He talks about those who begin major undertakings—the building of a tower or the start of a battle—and the foolishness of beginning such challenges without calculating the full impact of the decision. Commitment that pans out usually has preparation, or calculation behind it. A full measure of the commitment is important.

We read of pioneer missionaries who lost children and spouses to disease, and yet declared their renewed commitment to serving God. I know of faithful pastors who have given their lives to the ministry and God’s church, despite the economic impact on their families and future. I hear of Christian believers around the world who have lost their lives because they refused to recant their faith in Jesus.

Jesus seems to be saying, “This isn’t going to be an easy thing, you know. We’re talking about a commitment that will change your lives.” Are you willing to pay the full price of total commitment?

Author: Mary Egidio


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