United In Christ

November 17th, 2018



1 John 5:1-12

Many try to argue that there is more than one way to God. While it is true that God’s prevenient grace can allow unbelievers to do good, there is only one way to God: Jesus. The victory that comes in our lives is through our faith in Jesus and our continued obedience to him.

It is through the blood of Christ that we are saved, our sins are forgiven, and we are sanctified. Holy living can only happen through our continued surrender to Christ. Our surrender allows Christ to give us the strength to be transformed into the image of God in order that we may participate in God’s redemption of the world.

This surrender causes us to see the world with new eyes. It allows us to put aside the things that separate us (culture, gender, economic status, political beliefs, and so on) and become one in the Body of Christ. It is through this unity of faith that God uses us to transform his world into his image.

Author: Stephanie Malcolm


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