November 15th, 2018



Joshua 6:12-27

The walls of Jericho have fallen and God has given victory to the Israelites. There are plenty of spoils of war, but God demands that he be given the treasures. This seems unfair, but God is reminding the Israelites that he gave them the victory. It was only through the power of God that the city of Jericho was conquered. The treasures are used for the continuing of God’s work through the Israelites. Everything that the Israelites have is only because God gave it to them and it is to be used for his purposes.

The bounty from the victories we have are not for our own purpose, but instead to be used for the continuing of the kingdom of God. Often, we forget this and think that our treasures are our own. We get greedy and hoard, when God is calling us to give. This means more than our money: it means our whole selves. Everything we have is God’s gracious gift to us and it is up to him how those gifts get used. By giving our whole selves to God, we allow his plan to continue through us.

Author: Stephanie Malcolm


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