Are You For God?

November 13th, 2018



Joshua 5:1-8

I was leading a teen Bible study and one of the teens asked me to pray that his favorite sports team would win. When I said I would only pray for the safety and sportsmanship of the game, the teen became confused. He thought that God had to grant any wish that he prayed for. What he didn’t understand is that God doesn’t pick teams.

Joshua had that same problem and angel in this passage redirects Joshua’s attitude. He turns the questions from, “Is God for us?” to “Are you for God?”. God is with the Israelites if they are obedient to his plan. It is only when the Israelites have strayed from God’s plan that he is no longer on their side. Joshua once again chooses obedience and God is with him.

God wants the whole world to follow him. We need to remember that the only teams there are in life are those who are for God and those who are against. If we remain obedient to God, he goes with us into the battles we face in life. We are not alone and do not fight alone.

Author: Stephanie Malcolm


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