Let Go and Obey

November 12th, 2018



Joshua 5:1-8

The Israelites have barely stepped foot in the promised land and God is already preparing the way. The nations in the area hear of the Jordan river drying up for the Israelites to cross and are filled with fear. Before the Israelites lift a sword in battle, God is causing the nations around them to shy away from fighting, making the way easier for them as they claim the promise land.
This new generation of Israelites led by Joshua decide to start their time in the promise land by being obedient to the commands God has given them. The lack of obedience of the previous generation is shown in the need to circumcise the new generation. God makes a way as they live in obedience to him.

God will not call us to go without first preparing the way for us. God is already at work. All God asks for is our obedience. The only thing holding us back from God is ourselves. We are called to let go and obey trusting that God is preparing the way for us.

Author: Stephanie Malcolm


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