God’s Plan Are Revealed

November 8th, 2018



Matthew 16:13-20; Acts 2:14-17

My son’s school hosts a book fair each year. Last year my son came home with a couple of books about sharks and an “invisible ink” pen. It was the latest rage at school and kids were having a blast writing secret messages with the undetectable ink. Only those with the pen cap which contains a special “light” could read the messages.

As Jesus prepared for his death and resurrection, he asked the disciple who he was. How much of what he had been teaching them did they understand? A variety of replies were offered. It was Simon Peter who revealed the truth: Jesus is the Messiah, the one long awaited.

This truth, Jesus pronounced, was revealed not by Peter, but by the “light” of the Father in Heaven. God was the one to reveal the indiscernible message, the hidden mission of Jesus.

Have you allowed God to shine his light on the hidden places of your life? It is only through the power of the Spirit that God reveals the grace afforded us by Jesus.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson


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