November 4th, 2018



Psalm 25:1-10

God demands obedience from us. Following Jesus can put us in very uncomfortable and even dangerous situations. It can cause us anguish to love our enemies or even people we just don’t want to love. It can deal a severe blow to our pride when we would rather do anything else than change our minds. However, the demands of the Lord always lead us to more love of God and neighbor and less love of self.

If we are to take holiness seriously then, obedience must be a part of the equation. No, this is not mere behavior modification. The commands of Jesus lead us not just towards doing what is good and righteous even when really don’t want to. They lead us to an actual desire to do what is good and righteous. When we love God and neighbor more than ourselves, we actually find that we desire the former more and latter less. We find that these are truly what the will of God looks like. We find that we desire to be holy as God is holy.

Author: Cameron Pence


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