Promises, Promises

October 29th, 2018

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Deuteronomy 29:1-15

Growing up, I can remember hearing people on television, and sometimes even in my own church, presenting a concept of God that was very simple. God gives rules. You keep those rules. You go to Heaven. Easy peasy, right? If I acted a certain way, I was golden. The problem with this concept of God is that it presents God as cold and unconnected and, by extension, the purpose of holiness as mere behavior modification.

We are offered a different concept of God, however, in Deuteronomy. The language used here is covenant. These promises are anything but cold and unconnected. They are downright relational. The fact that God desires covenant with God’s people shows that God is much more interested in being in relationship with creation than creation simply acting a certain way. The God of the universe demands holiness, but that doesn’t come from simple rule keeping. It comes from the promise of relationship. It’s not easy or simple (in fact it can get pretty messy), but it is good.

Author: Cameron Pence

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