What Are You Saying?

October 27th, 2018

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1 Corinthians 11:17-26

Paul understood, and wanted the church in Corinth to understand, that when it comes to the sacraments, we (the Church) are saying something. As the word sacrament indicates, communion is sacred—it is dedicated to a specific purpose. It should be done with reverence and (equally important) in unity. We are remembering something very important when we partake in the Eucharist. God’s love is (or at least should be) on full display for all to see. When we partake knowingly harboring division in the Body of Christ, we get in the way of that.

This being the case, when there is division in the Church, whether we like it or not, we are saying that the focus should not be on God’s great love for us. We must always make sure that we are proclaiming the right thing here. That is why it is so important make peace before we take this very important sacrament. To refuse to do so is proclaim something else entirely then what we should be by together entering into this most important means of grace.

Author: Cameron Pence


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