October 23rd, 2018

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Deuteronomy 16:1-12

In reading through the Holy Scriptures, it is hard to miss the fact that time and time again, God has shown grace and love to God’s people. We are given a large record of women and men who experience God’s grace, peace, wisdom, and intervention over and over again. What’s more is that we are a part of God’s story and those of us who are in Christ can be reminded of God’s faithfulness by looking back at our own lives and see God moving in the same ways.

We see hope being given to God’s people in the remembrance of what God has done for them. In their time of grumbling (and in our own for that matter), they/we often lose sight of the awesome things the Lord has already done in our lives from the gift of salvation to the presence of the Holy Spirit to the very breath in lungs. Remembering the amazing things that the Lord has already done in our lives is a great way to remind us that God is not done doing amazing things. What do you remember?

Author: Cameron Pence


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