Who God Is

October 22nd, 2018

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Exodus 15:1-18

In today’s world, it can be easy lose hope. It feels like we just can’t catch a break. We can find ourselves in a funk. Nothing seems to give us hope. There can be any number in internal or external things that leave us feeling like the world is collapsing in on us. So it was with God’s people as well. They went through immense times of disbelief where they despaired so badly, they actually wished for their old life of slavery.

It is in these moments that Moses shows us the way. There may be nothing in our lives that seems to give us hope. It is in these moments that the only thing we can do it remember who God is. Moses exalted God by simply reminding the people of Israel who God is: strong, a warrior, and the salvation of God’s people. Do we ever consider this in the tough times in our lives? Sometimes the only thing we can do, the only thing that makes sense, is to remember who God is. I believe that is, not only right, but also essential for in the lives of God’s children.

Author: Cameron Pence


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