October 21st, 2018

RG AUDIO 102118


Isaiah 50:1-11

I am reminded by the prophet Isaiah that we are never condemned to a faithless state. He speaks of a God who opens eyes and renews. It can seems quite hopeless at times to trust the Lord and there are times when we give into despair, but we are reminded here that this is not the final word. God does not give up on us or leave us in our hopelessness. Trust is not something for which we are given a limited supply. God reminds us of God’s own unfailing grace and righteousness.

Like the people of Israel, our trust in God can look like a roller coaster. Sometimes rough seasons and external trauma can have profound effects on our faith in the Lord. We are reminded that even Jesus experienced stress and anxiety. Yes, Jesus also showed us that we are not doomed to give into despair. Not only can our faith be renewed but we can be a light to others who feel like their worlds are crashing down. Remember God does not give us a hope that we keep to ourselves.

Author: Cameron Pence


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