Fake Obedience

October 20th, 2018

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Numbers 14:36-45

What we see in Numbers 14 is the people of God falling because they failed to be holy as God is holy. One thing we discover about holiness is it is more than simple obedience. When we talk about sanctification we are not talking simply about begrudgingly obeying God out of obligation. We are talking about a desire for things God desires. We obey God because we love and trust God. God’s people got the obedience part down but did not truly have faith in God, therefore Moses warned them about not fully obeying God’s command.

Our ultimate goal should not be to obey God because that is simply what we are supposed to do. Our goal should be to be filled with the Holy Spirit until obedience is our desire. It is absolutely necessary if we are to truly love God with everything and truly love our neighbors as ourselves. To fall short here is fall short of the two greatest commandments that Christ gave His Church.

Author: Cameron Pence

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