Don’t Fear

October 17th, 2018

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Numbers 14:1-12

Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear controls behavior. Fear intimidates. Often fear is used as a way to manipulate in the realms of both religion and politics. Fear lends itself well to getting us to make decisions that we believe are in our best interests. God’s people, to put it bluntly, get scared at the bad report they have just heard. They cry and whine and lament what they believe to be their dire situation. These are the same people that have witnessed the Lord bringing them out of a seemingly hopeless situation in Egypt, yet fear has them actually wishing for slavery again! It would seem that no one could ever wish to be in bondage again once they have been set free, but that is just how fear works.

Once again, we do not differ from the Israelites in this regard. Our faith too often is only as strong as our need to be safe and comfortable. We want to follow Jesus but not everywhere that He goes. When we trust the Lord, fear takes a hit, for it is only in perfect love that fear is driven out.

Author: Cameron Pence


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