October 15th, 2018

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Numbers 13:1-20

The Lord’s charge of exploration to Moses on the leaders of Israelites in many ways was likely both exciting and daunting. The command from the Lord was simple enough: scout out the land. See what the people are like. Find out what the culture and customs look like. It was essentially a reconnaissance mission. Exploration of Cannan brought with it the uncertainty of what risks or dangers might be ahead. But still, it was were God had sent them.

We can see this same spirit of exploration in the great commission. We are called to make disciples throughout the entire world and that requires us to scout it out. We have to know and respect our various cultures and contexts. We have to know, really know the people with whom we are to building loving and trusting relationship with. We are called out into the communities we are called to serve, not as investigative reporters but as resident aliens. The second we look at our communities as problems to be solved instead of people to be known and loved, we have lost sight of God’s mission.

Author: Cameron Pence


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