God’s Blessings

October 6th, 2018

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Psalm 29:1-11

One night last year, a thunderstorm was moving in around midnight. My youngest son was awakened by the thunder and lightning and was frightened by it. I went into his room, hugged him, rubbed his back, spoke reassuringly to him for a few moments, and then left the room after he had settled down. Though the storm continued for awhile, he remained calm. My voice and presence had been enough to calm him down.

Bible scholar Stephen J. Lennox writes, “Psalm 29 sings God’s glory to the accompaniment of a violent thunderstorm. It is crafted to move the reader beyond marvel at the power of the storm to praise for the God who sent it.”* Life is full of “storms,” isn’t it? Just like natural storms, they can be frightening and even damaging (vv. 5-9). And yet we serve the God whom even the winds and the waves obey. Today, if you are battling one of life’s storms, just remember that the God you serve is more powerful than the storm. One way or another, He will see you through. May He grant you strength and peace today.

Author: Joel Parsons


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