God’s Laws Are in Us

September 29th, 2018

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Romans 2:1-16

Traveling in an unfamiliar locale can cause some anxiety, not the least of which is wondering if one may accidentally get in trouble due to ignorance of the local laws. Some people take this approach to following God’s laws. For those who worry that God will punish them for a law they were not aware of, there is good news!

Paul gives us hope by saying that even “Gentiles” have the law that God places on their hearts (we might call it their conscience). Although they may not have the full complement of Jewish law, they still feel conviction about right and wrong.
On the other hand, a person who knows the laws and does not follow them is subject to judgment. Why? Because they know better—even more so than the people who are following their consciences without knowledge of the law. Knowledge of the law does no good if one does not obey it. Paul goes on to say that not only were these people not following the law, they were leading others to disobey as well.

While we do not have to be afraid because God’s law is in us, we should be careful to obey them.

Author: Amy Rice


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