God Keeps in Touch

September 21st, 2018

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John 15:26—16:15

How do you keep in touch with those you love? Telephone calls? Letters? Email? Text messages? Jesus promises his disciples that it is a good thing he is going away (though I am not sure they are convinced). If he does not go away, he will not be able to send the Counselor, the one who will help the disciples proclaim the gospel.

Not only are we chosen, we have been given a way for God to keep in contact with us. What a gift! Jesus demonstrates in so many ways his consistent love for us. This promise of the Holy Spirit was especially important because Jesus has just assured his disciples that their path would not be easy: they would experience the same kinds of persecutions because they were associated with Jesus. The Holy Spirit will help the disciples to endure this, and will be a Comforter and presence after Jesus departs. Today, the Holy Spirit continues to be with us, which in addition to the Bible and the fellowship of other believers, is God’s way of keeping in touch with us.

Author: Amy Rice


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