God Employs Us

September 20th, 2018

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John 15:16-25

Take a moment to think about a time you were chosen to do something. How did you feel when you were chosen? Now think about the many ways we celebrate choosing. Sports teams have elaborate ceremonies for choosing new players. Weddings are celebrations of two people choosing to commit their lives to each other. So many other celebrations involve choosing or being chosen.

When Jesus says, “I chose you,” (John 15:16), do you think the disciples felt honored? He tells them to bear fruit: loving each other. Love is a kind of choosing . . . sometimes when choosing is not the easy thing to do. Jesus chose his disciples to become partners in ministry. The choosing comes with responsibility. The Bible is filled with examples of God choosing humans to be partners in God’s work. God’s promises are not things humans simply accept. The promises come with a reciprocal expectation, a reminder that we are not passive receptors; we cooperate with God. God chooses us in order to employ us.

Author: Amy Rice


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