It’s God Who Rescues

September 16th, 2018

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Psalm 37:1-11

In a world that seems unfair, where bad guys seem to prevail more often than not, what is a believer’s response? Psalm 37 was written by someone who was living at a time when evil was flourishing. The wicked seemed to get away with all manner of things. The psalmist reminds us, though, that the ultimate reward does not await those who choose to do wrong. There is no lasting benefit for the wicked.

We are promised help and deliverance (v. 40). Much of the time, in a world that seems stacked against goodness, we are left feeling powerless and without hope. When we consider the many forms of evil, darkness of our own sinful tendencies, systemic evil that threatens to consume our society, global issues that seem like lost causes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

The answer does not lie in our own strength to remedy the darkness. The answer lies in our willingness to take refuge, to put our hope and trust in the God who promises to help and deliver us from all evil.

What ‘evil’ is weighing on your heart today? Will you choose to trust the God who promises deliverance?

Author: Valerie Carr


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