It’s Not Your Fight

September 12th, 2018

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2 Chron. 20:13-22

Jehoshaphat is scared. Three nations “came to wage war against Jehoshaphat.” As the news came rolling in of his predicament, 2 Chronicles 20:3 tells us: “Alarmed, [he] resolved to inquire of the Lord.”

Up against insurmountable odds, Jehoshaphat seeks the Lord. Rather than focusing on his fears, Jehoshaphat intentionally turns his focus to the One who can answer fear.

When we are confident in God’s promises we can confront our enemies with worship on our lips. The perceived power of enemies pales in comparison when we remind ourselves of the greatness of our God.

In times of trouble, where do we run? All too often we turn our focus inward, desperately seeking an answer within our own powers to conquer that which scares us. As believers, God gives us the same challenge that He gave Jehoshaphat: we are called to trust Him. Whatever battle you are facing today, God has promised to be your Defender.

Author: Valerie Carr


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