Leaders Pass on the Baton

September 8th, 2018

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1 Peter 1:3-16

Who shared the Good News of Jesus with you? Andrew found his brother Simon, and told him about Jesus. Simon (now Peter) told thousands of people on the day of Pentecost. Those people told their friends and family, who told their friends . . . and eventually someone told you.

Peter writes that we are “filled with an inexpressibly and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls” (1 Peter 1:8b-9). Does that “glorious joy” spill out of your life as an attraction to those around you who don’t know Jesus? You have been commissioned to share the Good News of Jesus with as many people as possible. Peter urges us to “prepare our minds for action” to think about and practice what to say, as the Holy Spirit leads (v. 13). And even more important, Peter urges us to “be holy in all that you do” (v. 15). As a result, your life of holiness and joy will speak volumes to a world around us that is damaged by sin and sorrow.

With whom are you sharing the message of the Gospel?

Author: Mary Egidio


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