Never Alone

September 6th, 2018

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Exodus 4:18-31

Has God brought people into your life to help you with the work to which He has called you? In my years of working in Christian ministry, God has brought many amazing helpers along my path. Volunteers, co-workers, friends—each one enhanced my life and my service in unique ways. They stretched me, mentored me, encouraged me, and challenged me, so that I could grow and develop. Some were my age; others were much older or younger than I was. Some were exact opposites of my personality; others complemented my weaknesses with their strengths. The differences didn’t matter; God has used each one to hone and sharpen me as a tool for His use.

God knew Moses needed an Aaron to help in the monumental task of leading God’s people. We all need someone in our lives who will help us when we become discouraged and tired. Who is your Aaron? Thank them today for their encouragement. Has God called you to be an encouragement to someone else? Who are you mentoring? It’s all part of God’s plan to strengthen and sharpen His servants.

Author: Mary Egidio


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