God Blesses the Faithful

August 30th, 2018

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Exodus 2:1-10

Moses’ mother does a remarkable thing: she obeys God by refusing to kill her son. When she can no longer hide him, she technically obeys Pharaoh by placing the baby in the river. Yet she still refuses to harm her child. Instead she puts him in a basket—the same Hebrew word used here is used to describe the ark. She puts her baby in the chaotic waters of the river in an ark trusting that like Noah, God will save her son. Because of her faithfulness, Pharaoh’s daughter finds the little ark and takes the babe as her own. Not only is his life spared, but Moses’ mother gets to take care of him until he is old enough to live in Pharaoh’s palace. God not only saves her son, but eventually uses him to save her people because of her faithfulness.

When we are faithful to God, he rewards us for our faithfulness. When we feel surrounded by the chaotic waters on all sides, we trust that God is there.

Author: Stephanie Malcom


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