The Love Vacuum

August 26th, 2018

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Psalm 107:1-16

The noise coming from my vacuum cleaner was unusual. However, I didn’t smell the belt burning, and the particles on the floor were still being sucked into the machine, so I kept vacuuming for several minutes. It wasn’t until my son pointed to the dust cloud in the room that I realized I was vacuuming without a vacuum bag!

Thank God for vacuum bags! Without them we would be doomed to recycle the dust through our home, unable to process the dirt and put it out in the trash where it belongs.

God’s unfailing love is like a vacuum bag. There is nothing else in the world that can deal appropriately with our sin and shame. At its worst, the love of those closest to us feels more like judgement. At its best, the love of family and friends looks over our faults, but can’t eradicate them. Either way, our brokenness would be doomed to recirculate over and over.

It is only God’s unfailing love that has the power to deliver us from the distress of our own sin. Thank God for his unfailing love!

Author: Judith Fetzer


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