You Go First

August 24th, 2018

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Lamentations 3:34-51

Cynthia came to the office expecting the worst. She made a major mistake; it was expensive in terms of time, money, and emotions. Cynthia knew her negligence could cost her job. Frank, Cynthia’s boss, came to the office dreading the conversation. Cynthia was a top producer, but the oversight was significant and the reputation of his business was jeopardized. Frank started the conversation with a deep breath and a silent prayer. Then he simply said, “You go first.”

She faced her boss, both guilty and repentant, and confirmed her failures by confessing them one-by-one. There was no blame-shifting, no finger-pointing. There was only a thick anticipation of an aftermath.

However, instead of a reprimand and a documented write-up, Frank offered Cynthia a second chance.

In a similar way, God invites us to go first. Oh, that each of us would have the courage and humility to “examine our ways and test them, and . . . return to the Lord, (Lam. 3:40).

Author: Judith Fetzer


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