God Awaits Our Repentance

August 17th, 2018

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Matthew 23:29-39

After much suffering, the people of Judah eventually were released from captivity to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. By the time Jesus was born, it was once again a grand city with a beautiful new Temple. The priests and leaders, however, had returned to corruption. As Jesus stood overlooking the city, one wonders if he was thinking about the words of Jeremiah’s laments as he understood that destruction was imminent once again. There is a longing in Jesus’ words for the family to be together. The Jews were still scattered as a result of the exile so many years before. Within Jerusalem itself the Jews were split into sects and factions. The sin of so long ago still had ripples of consequences in the present time.

God desires redemption and reconciliation. God offers hope and restoration to even the most broken among us. God is a father awaiting the return of his prodigal sons and daughters. God is a father filled with hope and forgiveness, anticipating a glorious reunion. What great love!

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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