Sin Is a Dirty Business

August 13th, 2018

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Lamentations 1:1-9

It is hard to overestimate the significance of Jerusalem’s destruction. The city was a bustling hub of activity and the center of Jewish worship. In fact, God’s presence was in the Temple. There was no other place for the Jewish people to worship in God’s presence. We take for granted sometimes that we can worship God anytime, anywhere with the confidence we will be heard. Not so at the time Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians. Most of the people were swept away in exile and those few who remained were left to pillage the streets and eek out an existence in the shadow of the once great city.

The consequences of the sins of Israel and Judah were more profound than they could have imagined. Everyone loses when sin is allowed to continue. The deceiver wants us to believe that sin is a matter of perspective and that sinful choices won’t affect others. Don’t buy into the lie. Sin is dirty and ugly. It distorts the truth and reaches into every corner of life. Guard against it!

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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