He Can and Will

July 31st, 2018

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Jeremiah 32:16-29

I have never met a Christian who doubted that God created the heavens and the earth. We marvel at the fact that the Supreme Ruler over all creation simply spoke creation into existence.

Hope can be fleeting in a moment of tragedy. However, even in those daunting moments we embrace the fact that God is sovereign and we don’t doubt His power. We echo the sediments of Jeremiah by declaring “Nothing is too hard for you” (Jer. 32:17). But faith is more than knowing He can. We can be inspired by the omnipotence of God but possibly question His will to get us through.

Someone once said “I know He can, but I’m not sure He will.” This is a painful place to be emotionally. God will get us through! If God can make the heavens and earth by his very voice, how much more can He declare victory for you in your trial? Let us challenge ourselves to hold to the fact not the feeling. The fact is you are a child of the King and He loves you too much to leave you now.

Author: Mike Rhodabarger


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