God’s Plan: God’s Call

July 20th, 2018

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Galatians 1:11-24

Passing someone else’s work as your own is commonly known as cheating. If either of my sons were to turn in a paper at school with their name signed but someone else’s answers, I would expect the teacher to not reward them with a passing grade.

Paul wants the church to be very clear about the origins of what he tells them: the message belongs to God. Do not mistake what Paul says as Paul’s. Rather, Paul is the messenger, carrying God’s message to God’s people.

It would be easy to dismiss what Paul says if you believed that Paul was the originator of the message. However, if God is the originator of the message, then what Paul says has to be examined. We must set aside Paul, his mannerisms and life, in order to see what it is God wants to say to us. Any message coming directly from Paul fails to deliver the truth and grace that God freely gives His people.

Who do you preach when sharing the Gospel—yourself or God?

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson


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