God’s Timing Is Best

July 18th, 2018

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Romans 5:1-11

Playing a musical instrument is just as much about having the right timing as it is playing the correct note. Many people are attracted to the percussion instruments—drums can be fun and loud. However, those same people may not understand the skill that is involved in counting and waiting for just the right moment to play your part. If the musician playing the triangle fails to play at the right moment, chances are you will never hear that bit of music.

God knew just the right time to redeem his people. Redemption didn’t come when people had their lives put together. Redemption didn’t come when folks knew all the correct biblical answers. God redeemed his people “at just the right time, when we were still powerless,” (v. 6). When God waited for just the right time to redeem the lost, others can see the glory of God! Just as the tiny triangle can be heard beautifully when played at the right moment, God’s glory can be witnessed when God moves at the right moment. Don’t get ahead of God; wait and count on him!

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson

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