A Prayer for You

July 15th, 2018

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John 17:1-12

Jesus is praying for his disciples pleading to the Father on their behalf. There is agony in his voice, a deep love for his people in this prayer.

Jesus prays for on their behalf for two things in particular: protection and unity. Jesus knew that his disciples, those who walked with him during his ministry, were going to face persecution and even death. We may not live at a time and place where we fear for our lives or may be in any danger because of what we believe, but this prayer is also for us—for the protection of our minds and our souls.

Jesus prayed to the Father for unity. When the head of the family dies, too often, families are torn apart. The disciples have seen time and again the unity between Jesus and the Father, yet he prays earnestly that this would not escape the disciples’ understanding. Church, remember today, there are more things that unite us than separate us. The world needs to see that we are one: the body of Christ.

Author: Donabel Martin


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