Shine On

July 13th, 2018

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John 1:1-13

When we think of God we often think of God as Creator. God created the heavens and the earth, the day and night. God created all that we see, hear, touch. God created us.

From the very first verse in John we get this sense of God creating in the beginning and all things were created by God and only because of God have all things come into being. But it doesn’t stop there: “in him was life.” Only life can give birth to life, only God can continue to create.

“The light shines (present tense) in darkness but the darkness has not overcome it (past tense).” The very same light of creation is still shining, it has not become dim, it has not turned a different shade, it is still light as powerful as it was from the beginning. This very light continues to overcome the darkness of history and present day, no mater how heavy the darkness is, the light of Christ shines on.

Author: Donabel Martin

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