Grace and Consequence and Mercy

July 11th, 2018

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Jeremiah 30:1-11

Parents are interesting to watch when they’re dealing with their children. They balance a tight rope between letting their kids make mistakes and protecting them, between giving them freedom and boundaries and even between grace and consequence. The thing with good parents is that they know their children and they do not abandon them especially when they are facing the consequences of their sins. Yes, the people of God are going to face consequences but they no longer have to fear because God is with them. God will save.

Often we know we have sinned and have been disobedient. We know that there will be consequences but because of what we know about relationships, when we hurt someone or do them wrong we are punished and cast out, we become afraid of what will become of this relationship. With God, however, it is different. God is the one calling us into relationship with him even though we are hiding because of our sins. God is the one who provides a way for our salvation even when we’ve broken his heart and sinned against him. God is grace and mercy.

Author: Donabel Martin

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