How to Represent

July 10th, 2018

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Jeremiah 23:21-32

When you were a kid do you remember being asked, “Who do you want to be like when you grow up?” For many, the answer is usually the name of the teacher or mentor they are around the most or spend the most time watching. We want to be just like people who have the greatest influence over us and the best way to become like them is to spend time with them, to study their every move, to soak in their presence. Why then would it be any different with God?

“But if they had…” If these prophets would have stood in the presence of God, if they would soaked in the truth of who God is, of what God wanted for his people then they would have been able to proclaim the WORD of God to the people of God. The people of God would have turned from their evil ways. But they didn’t.

Here we are. Will we stand in the presence of God or choose the influence of the world? Have we stood in his presence enough for the world to know we are God’s?

Author: Donabel Martin

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