God Is Not Limited

July 4th, 2018

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Romans 9:1-13

As a pastor, it disturbing to know family members of active Christians who are actively disengaged from Christian faith. Then, there are persons who grow up without a Christian family and they become dynamic Christians.

Working with individuals recovering from drug addictions, some will demonstrate a rational understanding of issues regarding their urge to use, how to avoid and counteract urges, and yet they relapse into addictive behaviors. There are people who have no family history of drug addictions, yet they develop a drug addiction; and there are those grow up influenced by drug addictions, but they never engage in the practice themselves.

Paul addressed a Jewish audience who presumed salvation as a birth-right. Sometimes church people presume salvation as a family heritage or result of good works. Although Paul deeply desired his people to know salvation, he clear stated that God is not limited by human perspectives. Salvation is God’s gift to all who receive His promise (see Romans 3:21-26). This is God’s condition, not a limitation on Him.

Author: William Coker Jr.


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