Remain Faithful To God

June 30th, 2018

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Revelation 13:1-10

Speculations on the beasts’ representation have varied at different times; however, full understanding awaits the completion of human history. The common factor has been that the beasts are an elevation of political, nationalistic authority, and secular power to worship status. The ultimate test of faith is maintaining allegiance to the only true God at the cost of one’s social, political, or physical life. The saints’ eternal confidence is in the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ that was written before the creation of the world (a translation shift of verse 8 phrases in accord with Greek syntax).

Jesus warned (see Matthew 5 and John 17) that persecution is inevitable for the Christian. Saints are to accept the outcome of religious persecution and are warned against defense by force. It is inconceivable that Christians can proclaim the gospel of God’s love while spewing negativity or intolerance and promoting use of power for control. Saints reveal an active dependence on God by persisting through trials with a firm persuasion that our victory is in Christ Jesus alone.

Author: William Coker Jr.


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