In Serving God, Don’t Dismay

June 28th, 2018

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Isaiah 41:1-10

Abraham, Moses, and David were God’s servants; now for the first time, the nation of Israel is called God’s servant. God also called Abraham “my friend,” which indicates that the relationship of servanthood is rooted in love rather than duty. Although God had informed Israel that their neglect of the covenant would result in exile into Babylon (39:6), that did not mean it would result in a complete separation from God.

Across the vision given to Isaiah in chapters 40-55, God repeatedly stated: “do not fear.” God grounded this assurance in three historical tenets: “I have chosen you,” “I am with you,” and “I am your God.” From the beginning, God has strengthened, helped, and upheld His people.

Whatever situation we face, we can be assured that He who has called us, YHWH, the God who is “I AM,” has raised His right hand, symbolic of righteousness and salvation, in testimony that He has been, is, and will be with us.

Author: William Coker Jr.


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