Honest Conversation With God

June 25th, 2018

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Jeremiah 14:10-22

Is any person or group of people beyond redemption such that we should stop praying for them? What if God says: “You need not pray; their sins are so persistent that the consequence of their sins is eminent”? Those were the deep questions that faced Jeremiah; and they were not just any people or even an unknown people group, they were Jeremiah’s people. Jeremiah’s prayer is reminiscent of Abraham’s intercession for Sodom (Genesis 18) and Moses’ pleading for his people after they built a golden calf (Exodus 32). In both of those previous situations, God’s judgment fell on the people. However, Jeremiah did not quit praying for the people. He boldly pressed on to the throne of grace and reminded God of His covenant with King David.

Jeremiah understood that even though God’s judgment may not be stopped, there is hope that it will become a means of repentance if God does not remove His covenant of grace. Keep on praying!

Author: William Coker Jr.


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