God Redeems The Mess

June 20th, 2018

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Jeremiah 9:1-11

Every day, we take several bowls out to the compost. Pizza crusts and orange rinds combine with coffee grounds and yesterday’s newspaper. It’s a nasty, soggy mess. It’s all useless junk, until nature takes its course. When composted, all that useless junk becomes the most fertile soil in the garden.

Our times of suffering can be like that compost. We pile up the mistakes we have made. Add in the consequences we face from the poor decisions other people have made. To top it all off, add the mess that can only be called our rotten luck. How can God make something out of this garbage?

The Lord can redeem our mess, much like the gardener redeems the compost. In the care of God, it’s those things we didn’t want can be transformed into a rich spiritual soil. Through our suffering, the Lord can grow spiritual wisdom, deep compassion, and an abiding joy. Who in your life is an example of wisdom and joy, because of their suffering? Might God redeem your pain in a similar way?

Author: Caleb Reynolds


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