Fruitful Or Overgrown?

June 14th, 2018

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Mark 11:11-25

The weather had been just right. Just enough rain, just enough sunlight, and just enough heat. The soybean field across the road looked like a jungle. I had never seen soybean plants get so big.

I was sharing this with our Wednesday evening Bible study group. An elderly gentleman wearing a Dekalb Seed Company hat chuckled, and explained that for the farmer, that kind of growth is bad news, not good. When the plants become overgrown, they have spent all their energy on growing larger. As a result, they have little energy left for the most important thing: growing beans.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a trap we can fall into as Christians. With our churches, are we most concerned about size, or fruitfulness? Are we concerned mostly about filling pews, or God changing lives? Of course, with no growth, there is no fruit, but growth is not itself the point. Growth is supposed to lead to fruit. How fruitful is your church? How fruitful is your life? Remember, at harvest time, only the fruit really matters.

Author: Caleb Reynolds


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