Take Heed Or Else

June 13th, 2018

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Jeremiah 7:27—8:3

“If you don’t stop that, you will be walking home.” I was prodding my brother in the ribs with my elbow. I did it again. Dad didn’t pull over, so I did it several more times.

“Stop it!” my brother yelled. The car slowed to a stop on the dark, gravel road.

“Get out,” Dad said. He couldn’t mean it, could he? Yes, he definitely meant it. I stepped out of the car, and watched the tail lights fade away into the darkness of night. I began to cry.

My Dad did not make empty threats. Neither does the Lord. The dark verses of Jeremiah 7 paint a grim picture of the consequences of sin. Our sin has consequences—for us, our families, and our world. If we do not repent and turn from our sin, we become an instrument for the destructive purposes of the Enemy of our souls.

Even though I was only a half-mile from home, my Dad turned the car around and picked me back up. What a relief! Our Heavenly Father also provides a means for forgiveness and redemption in the Cross of Jesus. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive his forgiving grace!

Author: Caleb Reynolds


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