Why Do You Go To Church?

June 11th, 2018

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Jeremiah 7:1-11

The first days of basketball practice were always the toughest. There wasn’t a basketball in the whole gym. Instead, we filled our two-hour practice time with conditioning drills, running sprints, and doing push-ups. We groaned and whined. “Why are you here?” the coach yelled.

Truthfully, I wanted esteem and affirmation. But what I needed was exercise, to get into shape. I didn’t want anyone to see how out of shape I had become in the off-season. To improve, I needed to submit myself to these practices, drills, and the pain and exhaustion that went along with them.

The words of warning in Jeremiah bring this same reality to God’s people. They tried to hide their sins, and flaws behind a clean, religious exterior. They were there to look good, not to subject themselves to God’s scrutiny. God compares their hiding to robbers seeking shelter in a cave.

As you enter God’s house, the Lord asks us the question: Why are you here? Is it about affirming yourself, or is it about becoming all that God wants you to be?

Author: Caleb Reynolds


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